Independent post-repair inspections

Not all vehicle repairs are completed the way they should be, and it is not uncommon for customers to be taken advantage of, or charged exorbitant rates far beyond what is normal if they don’t know what to look for or what to ask. Many women in particular feel that this type of behaviour is all too common with car repairs. JP’s post repair inspection is designed to address these concerns in a professional & non confrontational way. 

Safety, reliability for extended driving trips or special occasions, advice on your cars fair resale value, and the going cost for any further repairs, can also all be good reasons for obtaining an independent and impartial report from JP.

The post repair inspection will check whether repairs you have requested have been carried out, and JP will advise on whether any charges which have been levied are reasonable. JP will also provide independent & expert guidance on any further repairs which may still be needed, and on request, can check if your vehicle meets the Australian Design Standards or is roadworthy.

The post repair inspection service includes travel to your vehicle, physical examination of the vehicle, and an independent comprehensive report on the vehicles condition, including digital photos of any issues identified. At no further charge, going that extra mile, JP can also directly negotiate on your behalf with repairers if you wish.