Valuations & Assessments

John Pennant (JP), Director of JP Auto Group Pty Ltd, in his own name & under the banner of Accurate Assessing & Associates, has been providing assessment and valuation services since the early 1980’s.

With his long established expertise in both vehicle repairs and investigation, JP can provide a particularly comprehensive assessment report or valuation on anything associated with the vehicle industry. AND with JP’s reputation for honesty & thoroughness, AND as a genuinely independent business not aligned with any particular vehicle manufacturer or insurer, our reports are both credible and influential.

Specific JP assessment & valuation services include:

  • Vehicle Inspections for Faulty Workmanship Claims
  • Accident Damage Assessments
  • Independent Post Repair Inspections
  • Motor Vehicle Valuations

Our Assessment Reports & Valuations can provide that vital evidence for court proceedings or simply inform you on what to watch out for !